Data Analysis Remote Treatment Service (DARTS)

This service is a data analysis portal that allows to create a remote desktop to treat your data, in the cloud. You can tune the type of system you need. It will be displayed in your browser, without any additional software for you to install.

Read more on our HELP page (from within SOLEIL).
NOTE: From SOLEIL Network, please use Firefox with "auto-detect" proxy (Top-right menu, Preferences, search for "proxy" (top right), select Network Settings, choose "auto-detect"). It is also important to inactivate any JavaScript blocker plugin.

By pressing the Create button, you agree with our Terms and Conditions (*)

You may request a physical GPU to e.g. run heavy computations (not for display). The tools and libraries you wish to use should have been designed to benefit from such devices with e.g. OpenCL, CUDA, OpenACC. Do NOT request a GPU if you do not actually use it, as their number is limited.

(*) Terms and Conditions:
I will only use this service for data analysis, without any illegal activities. I am aware that remote desktop instances are by nature volatile. My work is not kept after using the service. We keep track of this service use for legal purposes. We do not use cookies. Only necessary logs are kept. We do not share user information with third parties.

Any registered user can use this service free of charge. Provide a user account name and password. You need to have performed an experiment, an associated email, and a strong password. You can manage your account via the SUNset. For login issues, send an email to helpinfo@synchrotron-soleil.fr. In case of problem, contact synchrotron-soleil-data-treatment@groupes.renater.fr.

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